Pandas, pool noodle hats, human cut-outs: Restaurants across the world want guest to be socially distanced – more lifestyle


With lockdown restrictions easing around the world, the worst-hit businesses including restaurants are slowly opening up. While all the necessary precautions are being taken, restaurants are coming up with fun and exciting ways to ensure that guests maintain social distancing.


A bar and grill in Maryland, US launched “new social distancing tables” that ensure customers remain 6 feet apart. They can ‘wear’ the table around their waist and walk around!


A German cafe gave its guest funky hats attached with pool noodles so that they maintain social distancing while dining. A vegan restaurant in Amsterdam, Netherlands created five little greenhouses where people can sit and dine while being socially distanced. The cozy cubicles can accommodate just two people.


A Vietnamese cuisine restaurant in Thailand kept stuffed pandas next to the diners so that their restaurant doesn’t look empty and also the diners don’t feel lonely while having the meal, while a Sydney restaurant made human-shaped cardboard cutouts sit at tables to create a busy ambience as the city imposed 10-guest seating limit.

A restaurant tests servers providing drinks and food to models pretending to be clients in a safe "quarantine greenhouses" in which guests can dine in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A restaurant tests servers providing drinks and food to models pretending to be clients in a safe “quarantine greenhouses” in which guests can dine in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Model Devika Das says it’s brilliant that restaurants have made social distancing rules seem fun rather than dictates. “It’s really cool that they are being so creative! I look forward to eating in such a place where rules do not seem forced, or else the environment will become so boring and clinical,” she says.

Now, let’s see what Indian restaurants come up with as they reopen. “These social distancing ideas are so fun and quirky. We, too, are inspired and we would do something out-of-the box to maintain social distancing while making dining entertaining,” says restaurateur Amit Mehra.

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