Optoma cinemaX P2 review: The best projector, for those who can afford


It’s been over a year since I last sunk into the comfy cushions of a cinema theatre sinking my hands into an uncomfortably expensive tub of popcorn. The pandemic has taken away my weekend escapist refuge and I fear the pandemic fears will loom large even when these cinemas open up again as the weeks progress.

However, does that mean we have to deprive ourselves of cinematic pleasures? Well, no. You can always get a large screen television or a projector that gives you more control on the size of the screen, though perhaps not as large as the big screen experience. This is where the Optoma CinemaX P2 projector comes into play.

Before you start reading this review, let me give a health warning. The Optoma CinemaX P2 is strictly for the well heeled or you need to be the kind who is willing to set aside a substantial part of your annual income for your cinema cravings. I’m sure you get the drift. This projector costs Rs 4,99,999.

This Optoma projector has not been designed by someone who is bogged down by the conventions of how certain products are supposed to look. This does not look like a projector from any angle. It maybe looks like a gaming console from the future. There are no movable parts or lens to be seen anywhere in this ultra short throw projector. But it is also big and will take up the space vacated by the television it is replacing to a large extent.

Setting up is easy and the best thing here is that the audio quality is so good you don’t have to worry about setting up a speaker with this projector. The Optomo CinemaX P2 is as good as plug-and-play as soon as you get the power source and screen sorted out. I don’t have a screen at home, so I had to find a wall that are large and bare enough. That took a while.

Then, since this laser projector does not have keystone adjustments, it took a while to get the image right without any distortion. You have to do that adjusting the legs of the projector, and I have to confess I was only about 95 per cent successful — maybe you need more patience for these things.

As soon as you switch on this Optoma you realise this is not your regular projector. The image is bright, thanks to the 3,000 ANSI lumens output, despite the creamy wall I was projecting on. The 4K video was stunningly sharp and the contrast was among the best I have experienced. The colours are precise and there is no ghosting of any kind. It as good, or better than, a 4K television.

Optoma cinemaX P2 review, As soon as you switch on this Optoma you realise this is not your regular projector (Image source : Optoma)

I mentioned how Optomo CinemaX P2 is a plug and play projector. That is because it has an operating system that lets you download and play from OTT apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix as well as a lot of other Android app. However, I did not love the experience because the apps are not really native. But you will be able to manage.

I used a shortcut and plugged an Amazon Fire Cube to play content and to avoid the pain of having to set up these apps again on the projector using a remote. The remove is good by the way and offers quick access to settings, lets you move around the screen to scan the content on the different apps. The Optomo CinemaX P2 is also quite customisable and there are several preset modes for image.

You can also easily connect to other devices and even project content from your smartphone or laptop. As I mentioned, one of the best features is the Dolby 2.0 Bluetooth speakers on this one. The audio quality is so good, that the projector can let you play just music and switch off the image.

But what will make you buy this projector is its image quality. For big screen starved people like me, the Optomo CinemaX P2 will be more than a blessing. The image quality is so stunning you can see the hair on a plant stem, the different hues of the night sky as you watch a documentary on Iceland and a soak in the bioluminescence as you watch the climax of Life of Pi.

My nine year old, a movie buff like me, could not get enough if this 120-inch screen that had suddenly cropped up in our study room and went through a quick revision of his understanding of the Marvel galaxy in the two weeks I was reviewing the projector.

And remember, all this is happening from a box kept bang in front of the wall. And that is why this is a great replacement for a large screen TV. However, I recommend this for those looking to set up a full home theatre gig at home with the space and money needed. I have not experienced anything better when it comes to picture quality, audio quality and sheer convenience among projectors.

There are no major negatives here, other than the fact that the operating system here takes some getting used to and I would have preferred an Android OS inside. And yes, the price is certainly not for everyone.

The Optomo CinemaX P2 is in my books the perfect home projector for those who love the big screen experience for whatever they are consuming. I would have bought it, if not for the price.


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