Oppo sets the launch date for its first fitness band ‘Oppo Band Style’

Oppo is set to launch its fitness band, Oppo Band Style on March 8 along with the F19 and F19 Pro in a live-streamed event. Oppo Band Style will sport a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen. It will have 12 workout modes including running, walking, cycling, swimming, badminton, cricket, Yoga, etc. It will also come with a continuous SpO2 monitor to keep track of blood oxygen levels.

The company says that during the eight-hour sleep cycle, the fitness band will conduct non-stop SpO2 monitoring 28,000 times to measure the user’s body oxygen saturation along with breathing quality assessment. The data measured by Oppo Band Style during workouts and other activities can be accessed via HeyTap Health app.

There is no word regarding the number of band colours available at the time of launch. It is likely to be sweat and water-resistant but the rating has not been revealed yet. It will be interesting to see the launch price of the watch considering its competition Mi Band 5 and OnePlus are priced at Rs 2,499.

The upcoming band from the Chinese tech giant will be compatible with Android devices. However, it is yet to be seen whether it will be compatible with iOS devices or not.

The launch event will be live-streamed via Oppo’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels. Oppo’s F19 series will be 5G-enabled and have support for 50W Flash Charge. AI Highlight Pro Video and System Performance Optimiser are other two features listed on the device’s landing page.

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