Opera Touch on iOS rebranded as Opera, gets new minimalistic UI

One of the most popular web browsers, Opera Touch iOS browser has been rebranded as Opera by the company. The announcement reveals that the latest version features a user interface that takes a minimalistic approach and is better for one-handed usage alongside increased efficiency in speed and privacy.

The major announcement came ahead of the web browser app launch’s third anniversary. The company mentioned in the blogpost that there was a massive jump in downloads in North America and Europe last year. The company’s product manager Jona Bolin believes that iOS users chose Opera over their default web browser after the release of iOS 14 as they could use features like “easy-to-use Crypto Wallet, Flow, Ad-blocker, Cookie dialogue blocker, and protection against cryptocurrency mining”.

The new revamped UI has a few colour scheme changes. The purple logo on the home screen has been changed to red. There is a change in the background animations as well helping in delivering a cleaner and smoother design to the web browser app. Opera has also promised that the changes will not affect users’ favourite features and functionality.

Additionally, connecting to a different platform has been made easier. Users can start Opera on their desktop/laptop and click on the “Flow” icon on the sidebar which will show a QR code. Scanning the QR code with the browser on an iOS device will sync the links, notes, images, files and other information to the computer.

The app makers of the web browser have been focusing on design aesthetics since its launch. Opera Touch has won awards like Red Dot Design Award 2018, and the iF design award 2019.

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