OnePlus Watch FAQ: CEO Pete Lau answers some questions about the smartwatch

OnePlus officially entered the wearable fitness space this year with its fitness band, followed by the OnePlus Watch, which was also announced alongside the OnePlus 9 series. The OnePlus Watch has a launch price of Rs 14,999 in India, though with an SBI card offer, users can get it for Rs 12,999 with Rs 2000 as instant discount. It is yet to go on sale in India. But what all does the OnePlus Watch offer? Let’s take a look at what Pete Lau revealed on the OnePlus Forum.

OnePlus Watch processor, storage space, can you make and answer calls on this?

Lau revealed that the OnePlus Watch is using three-chip combination solution – ST32 + Apollo 3 + Cypress. The ST chip is responsible for “interactive interface” of the user interface and the display is also processed by the same. The Apollo 3 is a low power consumption chip designed to process data from the all various sensors on the device The Cypress chip support Bluetooth call and Bluetooth music functions of the watch.

According to Lau, this three chip combination can ensure maximum system efficiency, reduces power consumption and “achieve the co-existence of a long battery life and high frame display.”

Lau also confirmed that users can make and answer calls with the watch thanks to in-built speakers. He also revealed that the Watch relies on the vibration by the speaker to remove water from the watch after swimming. He also confirmed that watch has 4GB storage with around 2GB being dedicated for music and can store up to 500 songs.


What notifications can you reply to on the OnePlus Watch?

It looks like the OnePlus Watch has limited options for replying to notifications. For messages, there is a pre-set list. Lau also said that the company will push out an over-the-air (OTA) update with a customised pre-set reply list to let users tailor their own replies.

OnePlus Watch and device compatibility

The watch will work with Android phones running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. It does not support iOS at the moment. 

Which app for health monitoring? What about sleep monitoring?

The OnePlus Watch uses the OnePlus Health app to monitor and store health data. The app will debut on the Google Play Store closer to the Watch’s launch.

The data can be synced with Google Fit. Further, it supports sleep monitoring, which includes monitoring various stages of sleep as well as sleep blood oxygen monitoring. The OnePlus Health app tracks calories, steps and sleep data, etc.

How to sync music to OnePlus Watch?

The music needs to be downloaded to your device in MP3/LA-AAC format file to sync to the watch. The watch can be used to remotely control the phone when listening to music as well.

Can photos from the phone been seen on the watch screen?

Lau said that one cannot sync all the photos to the watch, but they can choose photos for watch dial display picture from the OnePlus Health app.

OnePlus Watch: Does it support always-on display?

At the moment no.  Lau said they have got many user requests for the feature and are looking at how it impacts power consumption and evaluating the possibility of bringing this feature in a future OTA. He says it could increase power consumption by almost 50 per cent.

What does the watch face show?

Lau confirmed that the watch face does not currently show weather forecast, altitude, sunset time, and second time zone display, but they will take these into consideration when they design more options.

In-Built GPS? How many hours of battery when using GPS?

Yes, the watch has built-in GPS that can work without the smartphone to record the workout route. The workout data also can be recorded by the watch and later synced with the smartphone. It supports 25 hours of battery life when continuously using GPS.

Continuous heart rate monitoring option?

The Watch does come with always-on and interval heart rate monitoring. Users can turn on continuous monitoring in the OnePlus Health app. Remember, turning this on will drain more battery.

Will it connect with any Bluetooth headphones?

The watch can connect with any headphones that support Bluetooth 4.0 and above.

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