Nvidia’s Xbox takeover and Cyberpunk’s retro twist highlight April Fools’ Day fun

In a nutshell: April Fools’ Day gives tech companies the opportunity to let loose and have a bit of fun with the community, and this year is no different. We’ve scoured the Internet and came up with some quality gags we think you might like.

Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has announced a new limited edition version of its hit game that ships on floppies – 97,619 of them, to be exact. The company says it is perfect for those that miss the old days when game installation was a ritual of its own. Just make sure and schedule enough time for installation – CD Projekt Red recommends about two months, and that’s if you swap installation disks out continuously. You’re also gonna need a 3.5-inch drive.

IGN got the scoop on Nintendo’s next major release, and it’s not a second-gen Switch. The Virtual Boy Pro blends elements of Nintendo’s ill-fated Virtual Boy with the existing Switch for an all-new VR / AR headset. Funny enough, this one actually is not that farfetched given modern devices like the Apple Vision Pro and Cardboard-style headsets that used smartphones. Nintendo Switch 2 VR, anyone?

In other gaming news, Nvidia reportedly purchased the Xbox brand from Microsoft in what can only be described as a landmark deal. This one seems to have originated from TweakTown, who claims the landmark acquisition could reshape console gaming through a combination of powerful GPU hardware and AI processing. The launch date for Nvidia’s Xbox? April 1, 2025, of course.

Trainers around the globe are invited to check out the Pokémon Sleep World Champions Tournament, hosted by none other than Chris Pillow and Kenny Mattress. This eight-and-a-half hour cozy competition highlights some of the leading slumbering techniques, such as boring oneself to sleep with an overly complex book. Props to the Pokémon team for coming up with some clever one-liners and advice to live by.

“Keep sleeping, and you might just wake up a champion.”

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