Nokia Power Earbuds Lite review: Get it for the looks, build and battery life

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is, as the name suggests, a more affordable version of the larger Nokia Power Earbuds. Priced at Rs 3,599, the Nokia Power Buds Lite competes with the likes of the OnePlus Buds Z and the recently launched Realme Buds Air 2.

Setting itself apart from its rivals, the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite promises sleek looks, good connectivity and reliable audio performance. We tried out the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite for about a week and here’s what we think about the budget TWS earbuds.


The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite features a stem-less in-ear design with silicone ear tips and a rather large body. While you get three sizes of ear tips, the body of the earbuds itself could have been a little smaller. The buds aren’t heavy, but the larger size might not fit all ears comfortably. For the average person and those with larger ears, these offer a decent-to-great fit.

The case is simply put, one of the best cases we have seen at this price point. A hybrid between curved and flat edges allows the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite case to feature smooth curves but yet sit flat on a surface. The case features a minimal matte black colour and a small offset Nokia logo on the front that looks very premium.

On the back is a USB-C port, while the LED indicators and charging docks lie inside. Complementing the build quality of the exterior of the case, the hinge is rock solid as well. No squeaking sounds and wobbliness here. When charging, the earbuds also fall into place quite easily and snugly, and they’re also pretty easy to pull out when you want to pop them in your ears.

Nokia, Nokia TWS earbuds, Nokia Power Earbuds Lite, Nokia Power Earbuds, Nokia Power Earbuds Lite review, Nokia Power Earbuds Lite price, The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite features a minimal, matte black case with good build quality. (Image Credit: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

Connectivity and features

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite are easy to connect whether you’re using one of the buds at a time or both. While there’s no fast pairing here, connectivity is seamless once you have manually paired the buds to your phone. The buds will connect with each other and to your phone by the time you have placed them in your ears. Range is decent as well.

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite also features touch-based gestures which work really good. The touch gestures are really sensitive and will never miss a well-placed tap. This also means you may accidentally pause the music, skip to the next track or end your call if you’re using the buds when lying down.

A combination of single, double and triple taps on the left and right buds ensures that you can control the volume, play or pause your tracks, answer, end or reject calls and skip to the previous or next track/video. This is great because we often find some earbuds in this segment that let you control fewer elements.

Sound and call quality

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite are good sounding earbuds in this segment, but not the best. The sound signature is balanced and you get neither a very bass-heavy or bass-lacking experience. It’s got just the right amount of punch when the drop kicks in on ‘Radioactive’ by Imagine Dragons and vocals sound crisp and distortion-free on ‘My Immortal’ by Evanescence or ‘Lovely’ by Billie Eilish.

However, the smaller 6mm drivers fall short when you look at elements like instrument separation on tracks. Bass lovers may also find the punch lacking at times because of this. These don’t necessarily make the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite a bad pair of TWS earbuds, but it is noteworthy that some of its rivals like the OnePlus Buds Z feature larger 10mm drivers.

On the contrary, call quality was quite good on the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite, despite the lack of elements like active noise cancellation. However, fast winds and heavy traffic could still ruin your call experience.

Nokia, Nokia TWS earbuds, Nokia Power Earbuds Lite, Nokia Power Earbuds, Nokia Power Earbuds Lite review, Nokia Power Earbuds Lite price, An in-ear design allows the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite to be easily used with a helmet, mask, scarf, or other headgear. (Image Credit: The Indian Express/ Chetan Nayak)

Battery Life

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite claims 35 hours of battery life on one single charge of the buds and the case. In one sitting, the earbuds themselves can offer up to 4.5 to slightly above 5 hours of music playback, which is very good. These claims are largely true. Let us also note that we charged the earbuds just once during our week-long testing phase.

The case also charges the earbuds at a decent pace. A USB-C port makes it easier to charge the buds with your phone’s charger, although Nokia has bundled in a separate cable.


The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is a good sounding, great looking pair of true wireless earbuds, but gets left behind by the competition in sound quality. Considering that these earbuds are also priced slightly higher than the OnePlus Buds Z or Realme Buds Air 2 makes this point stand out even more.

We still see people picking up these buds over others simply for the looks, battery life and superb build quality. These make the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite a great second pair of earphones for people like me, who use a separate pair for sports or on long biking trips. However, if sound quality alone is your biggest factor, you may fare better with some other options in this segment. 

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