Nikon introduces full-frame Z 28-400mm superzoom lens

In a nutshell: Nikon has introduced a new high-magnification zoom lens for full-frame / FX-format mirrorless cameras featuring class-leading specifications. The Nikkor Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR covers a wide range of focal lengths, from 28mm to 400mm, making it the first of its kind in the Nikkor Z range. The lens features a minimum focus distance of 0.2 meters (about eight inches) at the max wide-angle position and 1.2 meters (roughly four feet) at full zoom.

On the big end, it works out to 14.2x of optical zoom which, according to Nikon, is the highest ratio in its class.

Given its focal range, Nikon’s latest could be quite versatile. The company makes the case for using it to capture events where the distance to the subject constantly changes, like during parades, at amusement parks, or with sporting events. The f/4-8 aperture range will hold you back a bit in dimly lit environments or when trying to freeze fast-moving subjects at full zoom, but it is a trade-off that some will be willing to make for the convenience of not having to constantly swap lenses.

Nikon’s Z 28-400mm won’t weigh you down too much, either. It tips the scales at just 725 grams (about 1.6 pounds), which is incredibly light given its reach, and measures 141.5mm at full zoom (roughly 5.5 inches).

The internal vibration reduction system equates to a 5.0 stop increase in shutter speed to help reduce blur during handheld shooting. An internal stepping motor, meanwhile, is said to enable speedy autofocus, and a focus breathing suppression function for video recording can reduce angle shifting when focusing.

Notably, the lens is dust- and drip-resistant but is not fully weatherproof, so it might be best to avoid using it in questionable conditions like in the rain.

The Nikkor Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR is available to pre-order from leading camera retailers including Adorama and B&H Photo priced at $1,296.95, and includes a square lens hood. Both stores list a shipping date of April 18.

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