‘Nicola Sturgeon can STOP Brexit’ Lord Adonis backs SNP to secure second referendum | UK | News

The Labour lord has long hit out against the nation’s choice in the June 23 referendum – and has now turned his focus to the SNP in a bid to rally support for his plan to block Brexit.

He said: “Her voice is a powerful one and I hope I can work closely with her in forcing Theresa May to let the people of the UK make the final decision on the Brexit deal that’s negotiated.”

Last week the SNP leader claimed she could be ready to call for a second vote, arguing that “as the situation develops” the argument for a public vote on Mrs May’s Brexit deal “may become irresistible”.

Now Lord Adonis has heaped praise on the First Minister, claiming she had “done absolutely the right thing” by exposing the “lunacy” of the people’s choice.

He added: “Nicola Sturgeon has done absolutely the right thing in pursuing her position on a soft Brexit.

“She’s made clear the lunacy of leaving the EU by constantly arguing for a soft Brexit and for European integration.

“The First Minister has done a good job at standing up for Scotland in the Europe debate.”

Speaking to the Sunday Herald, he went on to claim young Labour voters needed to convince his party leader – Jeremy Corbyn – to turn his back on the results of the referendum and call another vote.

Lord Adonis said: “Jeremy Corbyn has an almost cult-like status among many young people.

“Young people making the argument that Jeremy Corbyn should support a referendum could make all the difference.

“Slowly but surely I’m sure Jeremy Corbyn will change his position.”

On Thursday Tory MSP Dean Lockhart accused Ms Sturgeon of using Brexit as a scapegoat to distract from the SNP’s “abysmal” track record while in control of Holyrood.

SNP ministers and leader Nicola Sturgeon have repeatedly warned of the negative impact Brexit will have on Scotland’s finances.

But Mr Lockhart claimed the nationalists had used Brexit to justify its poor track record on the nation’s economy.

He said: “Let me remind the Cabinet minister that the Fiscal Commission is forecasting the economy will grow at less than one percent for each of the next four years – a fraction of the growth expected for the rest of the UK.

“Predictably, the Cabinet minister blames Brexit but he knows the economy under the SNP has underperformed for the past decade. Well before Brexit.”

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