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Nicki Minaj SHADES Iggy Azalea at BET Awards & Death Experience?!

More Celebrity News ▻▻ Nicki Minaj “Pills N Potion” 2014 BET Performance ▻▻ Ouch — did Nicki Minaj just take a jab at fellow rapper…


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  1. I like iggy i like niki. Why cant us as women support one another!! The reason why we dont run this world is because we HATE ON EACHOTHER LIKE CRAZY!!!! So sad. There is room in this world for all of us to be successful and supportive to one another. Men always give each other love and props women are like cady petty cats clawing the hell outta one another! We fight over lane ass DUDES that are losers and call each other out on being to fat or to skinny or to blonde or to dark or what the fuck ever we can think of to rip one another down!!!! Damn im sick of it

  2. Iggy obviously has Nikki stressing with jealousy. Lol Iggy was always better anyway. Even Lil Kim checked Nikki's HIV ass when she tried to say SHE was queen b. But FUCK these hoes they are temporary. Another white person gonna steal rap AGAIN from y'all. Eminem, Iggy, etc!😆👍

  3. Can't wait to see her fake ass gone…always has had ghost writers…plastic as fuck…and her voice .is like nails on a chalkboard..bich has always been trash..Fuck Nikki Minaj. ..

  4. Nicky is rude coz she is REACTING! To iggy
    Maybe iggy told her something, that's y she reacted to her, or I don't think any person would like to insult someone without any reason

  5. That called reflection of Mirror. As Miley said about Nicki Minaj " has no kind, no polite word" Nicki has to act like that to warn not to involve in rap queen to that bitch in publicly face to face on stage. So why people are feel like burning of their ass by seeing Nicki's professional acting like queen. She born her own way. Don't get jealous, bad bitches …. ass