Next Mass Effect Reportedly in Early Stages of Development at BioWare


The next Mass Effect game is reportedly in development at BioWare, though fans of the space RPG should not expect to get their hands on it any time soon.

The rumor comes from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, in his report that claims BioWare and Electronic Arts are planning a major overhaul for Anthem. The changes, which may come as one large update or a series of smaller ones, will reportedly include the structure of missions, the loot system, and the third-person shooter’s world itself.

At the end of Schreier’s report, he said that BioWare is still invested in RPGs after its foray into Destiny-like shooters with Anthem. In addition to Dragon Age 4, which was confirmed in early 2018 by executive producer Mark Darra, “a new Mass Effect game is in very early development” at BioWare Edmonton under Mike Gamble, a longtime producer for the studio who was also part of the Anthem team.

The return of the series has been floated for a while, most recently in the Mass Effect community’s celebration of N7 Day this year. BioWare’s Casey Hudson seemed to be teasing a new game in the series with his tweet that featured a variety of concept art.

This year’s N7 Day also added Mass Effect-themed skins into Anthem, so it is clear that BioWare is not letting the franchise become forgotten. In addition, throughout N7 Day, Gamble and his team asked fans what they would like to see in a new Mass Effect game.

BioWare, however, was reported earlier this year to be subjecting its developers to terrible work conditions, which contributed to the issues of Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda, the fourth and latest installment in the series. The use of Electronic Arts’ Frostbite engine, poor direction from upper management, and understaffed teams were said to have made some developers leave the studio.

With the shortcomings of Mass Effect: Andromeda and the failure of Anthem, it remains to be seen if BioWare will be able to recapture its magic with Dragon Age 4 and a new Mass Effect. At the very least, the studio has a lot of time to get things right — Dragon Age 4 is not expected to launch until 2022, and the next Mass Effect will not roll out until after that.

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