New iPad Pro and iPad Air models now expected to launch on May

Recap: Reports have swirled for months, indicating that Apple plans to launch new iPad Pro and iPad Air models in the second quarter of 2024. The new tablets should include processor upgrades, an OLED panel for the iPad Pro, and more changes. Other iPad variants could also receive revisions later this year.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has revised his projections for Apple’s reportedly upcoming 2024 iPad Pro and iPad Air updates, indicating that the Cupertino giant has delayed the new devices to May. The iPad Pro is expected to receive its first-ever OLED screen.

Reports surrounding Apple’s tablet updates initially emerged last year. Since then, multiple leakers have said that the company will kick the iPad Pro up to an M3 processor and the iPad Air up to M2.

The new iPad Pro’s OLED screen isn’t the only upcoming display adjustment. Future iPads might feature optional matte panels similar to the Studio XDR and Studio Display.

CAD drawings for the 11-inch (top) and 13-inch iPad Pro. Image credit: MacRumors

Furthermore, size adjustments are coming. The iPad Air will gain a 12.9-inch option for consumers who want the extra screen real estate without the iPad Pro’s other features or price tag. Additionally, the new iPad Pro’s OLED screen makes the device thinner but more expensive. The final price tag remains unclear, but it could still start at under $1,000. OLED panel orders from Samsung indicate that Apple plans to ship 8.5 million OLED iPad Pros this year.

Interface upgrades are also planned. A new Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard might accompany the new iPad variants. The keyboard is rumored to be more “laptop-like” with a larger trackpad. Other reports suggest Apple will move the front-facing cameras to the side of the tablet to support FaceTime in landscape mode, like the 10th generation iPad.

Rumors initially indicated that Apple would launch the new models in late March or April without a major PR event.

Further out, the company did confirm that it will hold WWDC24 from June 10 to June 14. An announcement on X from marketing senior vice president Greg Josiwak hinted that the event will focus on AI – an emerging area of competition that Apple has sat out so far.

In February, CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the company will introduce its major push into generative AI this year. However, it remains unclear how or if the spring iPad models will benefit. Cupertino is reportedly negotiating with big AI players like Google, OpenAI, and Baidu to help run some of the new functionality coming in iOS 18. Later in 2024, new iPad and iPad mini variants could also emerge.

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