Netflix password sharing could come to an end as company tests new feature

Netflix is testing a new feature, which will ensure that only those who own the account or live with the owners of the account are able to access to it. Password sharing for Netflix accounts is very common among friends and family members, but it looks like the company could make it more difficult with an upcoming feature, which will require a code before accessing the account.

The feature was spotted by Gammawire, which has shared a screenshot of the same as well. Netflix confirmed that it is testing such a feature to The Verge. A spokesperson told the website, ““This test is designed to help ensure that people using Netflix accounts are authorized to do so.”

So how will the feature work?

Basically every time someone new tries to access the account, Netflix will ask for a code sent either to the email associated with the account or to the mobile number which is linked. There’s also an option to ‘Verify Later’ according to the screenshot size.

According to the report, the feature is currently being tested with a very small sample size of users, but the report adds that the warning is showing to those who are using borrowed accounts. Of course, family members, even in different cities might be able to ask for codes, but if you’ve been using your friend’s Netflix account for a long time, the party is likely to come to an end.

With regard to the ‘Verify Later’ option, it appears that while users were able to access the account, and the warning has not yet returned for a second time.

It won’t be surprising to see Netflix crack down on password sharing. While the streaming service has close to 200 million users, it has a lot of competition in its home market of US and globally too. In India for instance, Netflix is the most expensive subscription among streaming websites. Still if Netflix wants to increase its subscriber base, it will want more and more users to pay up.

Given the company is still testing the feature, there’s a chance it might not roll out to all. But if it does, then it would be bad news for all Netflix fans, who have been accessing the service without paying for an account.

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