Netflix has a new ‘Fast Laughs’ feature for iOS devices that plays short funny clips

Popular streaming platform Netflix announced on Wednesday that it is launching a new ‘Fast Laughs’ feature for iOS devices in select few countries. Fast Laughs follows the TikTok, Instagram Reels style offering a fullscreen feed consisting of funny clips from the shows on the platform.

Netflix revealed that at launch it will feature short videos from movies and shows including Murder Mystery, Big Mouth, The Crew and stand-ups from Kevin Hart and Ali Wong. The video shared by Netflix also reveals that it will include funny content from its big catalog of shows, movies, stand-ups etc.

While watching these short videos, users will have four options lined up at the bottom right corner of the screen. There is a LOL smiley for reactions, add to my list feature, share feature and a play button. If users like a particular short video, they can either add it to their list of shows to watch or start playing it right away. Also, they can share these short clips with their friends via WhatsApp, Instagram Snapchat and Twitter.

For now, the feature is limited to iOS devices only. The company says that it is testing the new feature for Android devices as well. However, there is no release date for Android or its worldwide availability Android users.

The ‘Fast Laughs’ feature can be accessed at the bottom of the screen alongside Home, Coming Soon and Downloads icons. The clips will follow one after another like TikTok. This feature is similar to the ‘Shuffle’ feature but provides short clips instead of episodes and has a share option as well.

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