My Dog is Acting Funny, How Do I Know if They’re Sick?

So, you’ve noticed your dog acting differently and you’re worried. There are a number of different options when it comes to how you want to deal with what to do when you think your dog is sick. One option that is often recommended is to have a vet take the dog in for x-rays to make sure that nothing serious is going on. You may also choose to take your dog to the local veterinarian and have him or her to examine the situation.

Do Your Research

If this is the case, you should first make sure that the local veterinarian is experienced and licensed. Make sure you ask any and all questions that you have about your furry companion. You should also ask if your veterinarian is familiar with any good anti-biotic medications that you can take your dog in for, particularly those that will help stop any pain they may be experiencing.

Some local veterinarians may be willing to put in an appointment with your dog’s vet to discuss what to do when your dog is hurt. This is a good idea, especially if the injury is minor. Your vet may also have recommendations on which medications or dog brace you should give your dog. He or she may even be able to give you some ideas on the best way to take care of the dog while in the recovery process.

Learn How to Give Pills

Once you have reached your local veterinarian, he or she will likely prescribe an antibiotic medication. These will not necessarily be the same ones that you take your dog in for. The veterinarian may also recommend that you add more supplements, vitamins, or herbs to the dog’s diet as well as giving it pain relief if necessary.

There is no need to worry though if your dog shows any signs of distress after taking antibiotics. These are often the result of overuse of the medicine or of a bacterial infection and should clear up within a day or two. The main thing to watch out for is if the dog begins to show signs of diarrhea or if he or she starts vomiting.

While these things may be disturbing, they should not cause you to think that you should not treat your dog at all. This is a very common problem that occurs in many cases and you should see your vet about it.

Remember, You Can Only Do as Much as Possible

What to do when your dog is injured is very important. If you take your dog to the vet, your vet will be able to recommend the best option for you to take care of your dog’s needs and may even be able to help you create a plan for treating the wound.

The vet will usually be able to get to the injury right away and will make sure the area is healed before he or she prescribes antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill the bacteria that the wound is made of, so if you have a clean wound and the vet prescribes antibiotics to you, the wound will heal right along with the antibiotic and the antibiotics will kill any bacteria that has managed to enter the wound.

When you are looking into what to do when your pet is injured, it is also important to note that if antibiotics are prescribed for your dog, you should follow the directions given by your vet. If you follow the dosage, the antibiotics will work with your dog to get rid of whatever caused the injury and make sure your dog’s body is healthy again.

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