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Millie Bobby Brown SPOTTED Backstage At Jacob Sartorius’ Concert

More Celebrity News ▻▻ Our fave ever Millie Bobby Brown was spotted jammin out on the side of the stage at Jacob Sarorius’ concert and the world can’t…


Written by sortiwa

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  1. people are saying her
    “Millie can do so much better than Jacob”
    i mean really
    just because you dont like his singing doesnt mean he aint a good person
    i’ve met him personally once and he is really kind!
    the way he talks to his fans and other people in his vlogs and also his humour is just amazing

  2. You are literally agreeing with the fact that millie doesn't want anyone to talk about her love life but these videos are literally about that. Hypocrite much. Literally.

  3. I was forced to be at that EXACT CONCERT by my dad!
    I had to CANCEL my plans of watching the new Riverdale episode to cringe at that concert!
    And my girl MILLIE BOBBIE FREAKING BROWN was there the WHOLE TIME?!!!

    My life is a doggone lie!