Microsoft Edge gets new theme, password generator and other features

Microsoft has launched a new update for its Edge browser as the company celebrates the one-year birthday of its new browser. The update brings a host of features that include various new themes, sleeping tabs, and improvements to the performance. The new features have arrived a year after the Chromium-powered version of Browser was released.

The update brings sidebar search to the Edge Browser, which will allow users to open a side panel with search results without having to navigate away from their current page. Users can highlight a word, right-click and search to open a side panel.

One of the most essential features as part of the update is the introduction of new themes in Microsoft Edge. There are 24 new themes that have been introduced, which will give users various new options to personalise their browser experience on the platform. Some of the themes are straight from Xbox, including Halo, Gears, Forza, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sea of Thieves, among others. The themes apply a new background to each new tab page. The tabs, address bar, and other parts of the browser also take on the look and feel of the theme.

Microsoft has incorporated design elements of its Fluent design system into the Edge browser, which means the browser’s icons take on a rounder and softer appearance.

The update has introduced sleeping tabs and the feature is said to boost browser performance by improving memory and CPU resource usage. The feature is built into the Edge browser and is said to put inactive tabs in an inactive state, to improve performance. Users will also be able to keep important sites awake at all times by white-listing the sites into a separate list.

Microsoft is also introducing password manager features to Edge including a password generator. The feature is said to automatically generate a secure password when a user signs up for a new online account or decides to change an existing password.

The password generator feature arrives ahead of other security features, including a password monitor, which is said to notify users if one of their passwords is part of a list of leaked credentials on the dark web.

The update is said to include extra transparency in the browser which will help users manage specific site permissions and control which sites to share their location, camera, and microphone access. Users will also be able to review, edit, and reset site permissions. The new features are part of a larger update to Microsoft Edge, which will bring history and tab sync to all users. The feature was rolled out in certain countries earlier this month.

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