Mermaids the Oceans Mysterious Creatures

We’ve all wanted to know if somewhere out there if the Little Mermaid was real or fake and today we’ll dive into mermaid lore. Subscribe to Talltanic 6. In 2014, in response…


Written by sortiwa

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  1. Evolution is more bullshit.

    The question God or design?
    both are true.

    4 races
    2 God creation in Genesis1 and Genesis2 two separate creation.

    2 Designer put two species together is not evolution. it
    called Rh-positive blood type.
    they were to kill and enslave the Israelites.

    CaucAsian and Asian are relate by Rh-positive =
    Neanderthal and Rhesus monkey….


  2. hes was not headed to the America's. he was head for India for gold and slave.. you need to stop pushing that crap. oh and here some truth.

    The reason my people feed that piece shit. because the were starving when they came to shore. we did not approach them but watched.
    but then the whites were desecrating the bodies and eating them. and thats where thanksgiving comes from.
    later THANKS the indian people for GIVING. they gave in return laced bottle of vine
    all men dead enslave the females and children and other tribes near by killed then shackled and shipped those were lift alive to England… 200s before African slaves.

    can you see that rotten mouth. smells like shit raping you a child. and cut you arms off. grab a baby by the feet swing him/her around and slam their head against a tree.


    all by jews

  3. Oh boy, where to start, the animal planet program was very obviously fake, you'd have to be pretty naive and not terribly bright not to quickly realize the "scientists" were more like demi more than michio kaku. Complete with dramatic pauses rather than goofy giggles and cringy dad/mom jokes like a real scientist.
    2nd of all, seriously, if you've ever seen a manitee, you wouldn't be "not known for your intellect" you'd have to be completely brain dead to think it was a mermaid. I don't know how in all the hells einsteins first had the balls to put that one forward. I mean are you seriously THAT desperate to find some, any … explanation for something we just don't know?
    Ironically it's probably pretty close to what a real mermaid would look like, but certainly nothing recognizable as a swimming human (fucks sake).
    The aquatic ape theory NEVER had our ancestors as half primate half fish. They were just hominins who spent a lot of time in the water and gained some attributes of other semi marine dwelling mammals. such as subcutaneous fat, body hair loss, spinal/hip alignment and the ability to hold our breath. There's quite a bit of evidence for it in my opinion.
    I think there might be mermaids…But they wouldn't resemble people by now any more than whales resemble a wolf bear. I would LOVE to see what a real scientist thinks an aquatic ape might actually look like a million years after taking the sea.
    Personally I think they would look very dolphin like but with something more familiar to us. Idk but I wouldn't be surprised to find something like that, or a few things like that, either were or are out there.

  4. obviously this video is designed to create a great amount of scepticism. The power's that be are so afraid that people will start to actually wake up to a reality that will lead everyone away from the MATRIX!!! or agenda they laid out for us

  5. y are u talking crap about autistic people whats wrong with u do u feel like a bigger person for making fun of those different from u Cardinal Gucci Gucci whats next making fun of people with brain injures. you are truly dissabled if u cant see how amazing autistic people really are in fact my son a autistic 6 year old boy could teach u alot and hes nonverbal but based on that remark he is a better nicer and smarter person than u