Mark Wahlberg set to play Sully in Uncharted movie


In a nutshell: A lot of movie projects end up in development hell for years. In the case of the Uncharted adaptation, it’s been trying to get off the ground for so long that Mark Wahlberg, who was originally set to play protagonist Nathan Drake, will now play the older character, Victor “Sully” Sullivan.

Variety reports that Wahlberg is now in final talks to play Drake’s mentor. At 48 years old, he’s certainly younger than the Sully from the PlayStation-exclusive series of games, though the movie sounds like it will be set years earlier.

Back in 2010, Wahlberg was going to play Drake, with director David O. Russell expected to be behind the camera. This version was supposedly about “a crime family that metes out justice in the world of art and antiquities,” which sounds little like the games, but both actor and director left the project a year later.

Now, Wahlberg is back, thanks to Sony re-imagining the movie as an origin story. This time he’s taking on the role of Sully. He’ll be joined by Bumblebee director Travis Knight, while Spider-Man’s Tom Holland takes on the role of a young Drake.

It’ll still be a while before the Uncharted movie hits the big screen, but it’s finally starting to take shape. Let’s hope it’s better than the majority of video game adaptations, which tend to vary from okay-ish to absolute garbage.

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