Man pleads guilty in Md. crash that killed Morgan State student on his way home from funeral

Adedire Ososanya had just finished attending the funeral of a relative when he hopped into his car to leave. The Morgan State University student liked to take photos in his free time and was asked to snap some and memorialize the service.

“He told me, ‘Daddy, I’m going home,’ ” Olayinka Ayodle remembered his son saying after the funeral. “That was the last we heard of him.”

Ososanya’s relatives went from mourning one family member to another on Dec. 17, 2015, when a car swerved into oncoming traffic and crashed head-on into the 20-year-old’s silver Nissan. Ososanya was just a minute away from his Upper Marlboro home when he was ejected from his car and killed.

Two years after the fatal collision, the man driving the car that crashed into Ososanya’s pleaded guilty to one count of criminally negligent manslaughter. James Calero, 33, of Bowie, Md., entered his plea in Prince George’s County Circuit Court on Friday.

Calero, prosecutors said, was driving with cocaine, methamphetamine, THC and PCP in his system on the night of the crash.

“We’re pleased in this case that we were able to take Mr. Calero off the streets and keep him off the streets,” said John Erzen, a spokesman for the Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Calero’s public defender, Doug Irminger, said his client “is remorseful for what happened in this case.”

“It was a tragedy,” Irminger said. “Someone lost his life. My client has accepted responsibility for his actions.”

The crash occurred around 10:30 p.m. along Route 202 just north of Old Marlboro Road.

Witnesses reported that the car Calero was driving had been swerving on and off the road before striking Ososanya’s vehicle, prosecutors said.

Investigators estimated Calero was driving 57-71 miles per hour on a road where the speed limit is 50, Erzen said.

The spokesman said Calero is also facing charges in a separate crash in which investigators suspect he was under the influence.

“He has certainly proven that he is a danger to the community,” Erzen said.

Calero is scheduled to be sentenced in March and faces up to three years in prison for the crash that killed Ososanya.

Outside the courtroom after Calero entered his plea, Ayodle took a long pause to compose himself before he could talk about his son, a “humble guy” who had one year left at Morgan State before he would have graduated with a finance degree. Ayodle said his son was someone on the “right path.”

“Either you choose to do the right thing, or you choose the wrong thing,” Ayodle said of Calero’s decision to drive under the influence. “He chose the wrong thing, and it’s unfortunate that it had to be my son he had to take . . . a young boy with a whole life in front of him.”

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