Magic Leap’s Spotify app lets you create virtual playlists for different rooms


In a nutshell: Do you own a Magic Leap augmented reality headset? In the unlikely event that you answered yes, you might want to try a new version of Spotify’s music streaming app, which looks very cool and futuristic.

With the app, which requires a Spotify premium account, Magic Leap users will see three-dimensional Spotify interfaces pasted on top of the real world. It allows wearers to pin albums, artists, and tracks in different rooms, meaning the music changes automatically as you move from one room to another.

“The app is spatially aware,” explained Magic Leap. “And because content builds over time, you can collect and curate the perfect playlists or soundscape for each room in your space.”

While the device does have built-in headphones, users may prefer to plug in their own set of cans into the jack to improve the listening experience.

As noted by The Verge, the Magic Leap headset, which arrived as a $2,295 developer edition last year, already has a growing number of dedicated apps, including Angry Birds: First Person Slingshot and Star Wars: Project Porg.

Spotify’s app is the first on Magic Leap to use the platform’s Background Music Service (BMS) API, which allows music to keep playing even as you switch between different apps.

Back in April, Magic Leap raised $280 million from Japanese telco NTT Docomo, which was in addition to the $2.3 billion it had already raised. The company is now reportedly raising a Series E funding round and is developing a second headset.


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