Mac Pro 2019 Spotted in the Wild Through DJ Calvin Harris’ Instagram


Apple has not yet revealed a specific release date for the highly anticipated new Mac Pro, but it appears that the computer’s launch is growing more imminent as it has been spotted in the wild on social media.

Calvin Harris, DJ and Grammy Award winner, uploaded an Instagram story that showed off his studio. The video was apparently to share a sneak peek into a new song that he is working on, but his followers unexpectedly also caught a glimpse of the Mac Pro 2019.

The new Mac Pro was spotted on the floor next to Harris’ desk, so it appears that he was not given the version with wheels, which are an add-on to the computer. The video was apparently shot erratically, but the computer can definitely be seen at several points of the Instagram story.

Harris does not talk about the Mac Pro in the video, nor does he acknowledge it in the comments section as his followers ask what it is like to use the powerful computer.

Apple has only teased a fall release for the Mac Pro, but recent clues have hinted that it will soon be rolled out. In October, Mac Rumors reported it had received and verified screenshots of the computer’s Configuration Utility that shows instructions on how to place it in DFU mode for diagnostics and repair. The website declined to publish the images to protect its source, who claimed that the move likely means that the device is set to be released.

A week later, the new Mac Pro received final approval from the Federal Communications Commission, which is considered one of the final hurdles that a product needs to clear before it enters the market.

Apple has still not yet announced the launch date for the Mac Pro 2019, which will start with a price tag of $5,999. The computer is focused on meeting the needs of technicians and artists, which is probably why it ended up in the hands of Harris so that he can try it out before the public release.

The Pro Display XDR, a new 6K external monitor with a starting price tag of $4,999, and a Pro Stand that costs $999 are expected to launch alongside the new Mac Pro.

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