Logitech unveils expansion kit for Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller


In brief: Logitech worked with the team at Microsoft’s Inclusive Tech Lab as well as accessibility groups such as SpecialEffect, The AbleGamers Charity and Abilities Research Center at Mount Sinai to help ensure the kit meets the needs of the community.

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller was a much-needed step in the right direction for gamers with limited mobility. While its oversized buttons and directional pad were immensely useful, it’s the nearly two dozen individual inputs for add-on devices that really sets the controller apart and makes it an ideal foundation to build upon.

One of the industry’s leading accessory makers has done just that.

The Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit is essentially an expansion kit for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The bundle includes an assortment of large buttons, small buttons, light-touch buttons and variable trigger controls – three large buttons, three small buttons, four light-tough buttons and two variable triggers – that plug into Microsoft’s controller and can be mapped to function however you choose.

The kit also includes a rigid hook and loop game board, a flexible hook and loop game board, two sets of label sheets, a set of attachment stickers and a set of hook and loop ties. It’s all manufactured to the same high standard as other Logitech gear meaning quality won’t be a concern.

The Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit retails for $99.99. That may sound like a lot but considering the sheer number of components you’re getting and the fact that virtually everything related to accessibility / mobility is grossly overpriced, it’s a real bargain.

It’ll be available to purchase directly from Logitech’s online marketplace and at select Microsoft retail stores later this month.


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