LG will show a ‘bendable’ OLED gaming monitor, transparent OLED TV at CES 2021

LG has announced several new display technologies ahead of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. The all-virtual event will see LG reveal a transparent OLED panel as well as another display that will be able to switch between a flat-screen and a curved screen. Here is all we know about the two display technologies so far.

LG ‘Smart Bed’ concept

The LG Smart Bed will be a 55-inch transparent OLED display. The display itself rises from frame to frame and shows content in different screen ratios. According to LG, the panel is able to switch screen ratios without affecting image quality. The Smart Bed display will also come with LG’s Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) technology. The CSO technology was revealed by LG back in CES 2017, enabling the displays to vibrate to create sounds. It is likely to show up with improvements in CES 2021.

“Transparent OLED is a technology that maximizes the advantages of OLED and can be used in various places in our daily lives, from stores, shopping malls, and architectural interiors to autonomous vehicles, subway trains, and aircraft,” said Jong-sun Park, Senior Vice President & Head of the Commercial Business Unit at LG Display. “It will grow into a next-generation display that can change the existing display paradigm,” he adds.

LG Bendable CSO Display

Also including the same CSO technology is a new bendable display by LG. The new display will be capable of switching between a flat-screen and a curved screen. When curved, the display will be able to achieve a radius of 1,000mm. Targeted at gamers, LG claims the display will be able to deliver a uniformly immersive experience. This panel will also be able to refresh at 120Hz and will feature a response time of 0.1 milliseconds.

LG is the market leader when it comes to OLED panels. With LG bringing more versatility to the display segment, a future where we could see such technology coming to smartphones and portable displays is now a step closer.

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