L.A.’S FINEST Official Trailer (2019) BAD BOYS Series HD

L.A.’S FINEST Official Trailer (2019) Jessica Alba, BAD BOYS Series HD © 2019 – Spectrum Originals Comedy, Kids, Family and Animated Film, Blockbuster, …


Written by sortiwa


  1. The only reason id watch this show is to perve at gabriel union and jessica alba, apart from that this looks like another ghost busters female version flop. and uh, can someone pls tell me wtf SPECTRUM is, because its the first time im hearing. Its like everyone is trying to make their own streaming service, like why cant everyone just upload their shows and movies on netflix? its easy and cost efficient, wtf is the difference now between cable tv and streaming because in the future people will end up paying for 20 different streaming services.

  2. In real life female cops are not bad ass, they regularly get their ass handed to them when they try to make arrests, or it it takes 3 female cops and a male cop to keep the perp under control.