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Joovv Red Light Therapy: How It Works & Benefits

189: How Red Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation Works & How to Get the Benefits With Joovv


You’ve probably seen me post pictures on Instagram where I look like something out of Star Wars using my Joovv red light therapy device. I first started this health experiment about a year ago, and I’ve gotten so many questions from you all about how it works that today we’re back with Joovv creators (and husband and wife team) Justin and Melissa.

Fun fact… they also get to work together just like my husband and I do! (And they also have six kids!) I know this episode will be super enlightening for us (pun totally intended) and I’m ready with my second round of questions!

Episode Highlights With Justin & Melissa of Joovv

  • what got Justin and Melissa interested in red light therapy in the first place
  • how they made their first homemade red light prototype
  • why precise wavelengths of light can penetrate the body’s cells and boost healthy ATP function
  • what the science shows about photobiomodulation (red light therapy) benefits for skin, vision, muscle recovery, wound healing, hormone balance, and more
  • key differences between the sauna and red light therapy
  • the interesting way infrared light mimics cardiovascular exercise
  • why red light therapy may counteract the effects of EMF and Wi-Fi on our cells
  • how Joovv may benefit the man in your life by boosting testosterone production
  • and more!

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