Italy football star Mario Balotteli kicks balls at fans after suffering racist abuse – WATCH – football

Italy football star Mario Balotelli lost his cool after he suffered racist abuses at the hands of Hellas Verona fans during a Serie A match on Sunday. Balotelli, who plays for Brescia, was dribbling the ball in verona’s corner, when he was angered by the fans who were hurling racist abuses at him. Irritated by the fans, he kicked the ball at the Verona fans in the stands. He did not just stop there.

As Verona footballers and his own teammates tried to calm him down, Balotelli threatened to walk out of the match. He looked set to storm off the field, but was convinced to stay by players from both the teams.


After the match, Vernoa coach Ivan Juric told Sky Sports that he did not hear racist chants. “No racist chants, nothing at all. To say otherwise is a lie,” he said. The club president Maurizio Setti further said that the comments made by the crowd were “light-hearted, not racist”.

“We are the first to condemn racism but it is wrong to generalise… Maybe two or three people among 20,000 fans might have said something,” he added.

After the match, the former Manchester City striker took to Instragram to thank his teammates for their support. He also called out those who denied evidence of racism in the country.

“Thanks to all the colleagues on and off the field for the solidarity expressed toward me and all of the messages received from you fans,” he wrote in Italian. “A heartfelt thanks. You’re real men, not like those who deny the evidence,” he added.

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