Internal email uncovers Apple products that never made it to market: new iPods, 15-inch MacBook Air, and Mac tablet


In context: The Epic vs Apple trial has brought to light a ton of internal information from both companies. Most recently, an internal email showing what Apple was developing back in 2007. From software and services to hardware, most of what is in the email ended up releasing. However, some devices mentioned in the document never hit the shelves.

The email written by Steve Jobs on August 2007, shows the agenda of an Apple executive team meeting scheduled for August 6th. The meeting was divided into seven areas of discussion covering topics such as sales, supply, various product lines, events, recruitment and legal.

As expected from a 14-year-old document, most of what’s in it has already launched, but curiously it also mentions a few devices that we never got the chance to see the light, including a 15-inch MacBook Air, a Mac tablet, an iPod “Super nano,” and a new iPod shuffle.

According to the internal email, Apple was planning to launch a 15-inch MacBook Air in 2008. That never happened, and instead, it ended up releasing the 13-inch model that went on to transform thin and light laptops. To this day, Apple has not released a 15-inch model of the MacBook Air, but reports claim we may see that soon.

Right after the 15-inch MacBook Air, there’s a reference to a Mac tablet. We assume that this is a prototype of what the iPad ended up being, which was launched two years after the planned release of the Mac tablet.

The internal email also mentions two unreleased models of the iPod set to release in 2008. The first is the “Super nano,” priced at $199. Whether Apple implemented some of its features into another iPod device or not is unclear. As for the second iPod referenced in the document, it’s an iPod shuffle planned for a 2008 release, which never happened. Instead, Apple launched new color variants. A newer iPod shuffle was released later in 2009.

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