Intel Xeon “Granite Rapids-SP” CPUs could have up to 160 cores, 320 threads

Rumor mill: After launching its Emerald Rapids lineup last December, Intel is expected to announce the successors in 2024. According to its official datacenter roadmap, the company will unveil the Granite Rapids-SP Xeon CPUs later this year following the launch of the Sierra Forest lineup in the coming weeks. While we already knew a few key details, a new leak has seemingly revealed additional information about the Granite Rapids family.

According to CPU-Z screenshots posted on X by leaker Yuuki_Ans, the flagship Granite Rapids-SP processor could come with 160 cores and 320 threads. While the listing reveals only 80 cores, the thread and cache amount suggest that the actual core count could be 160 rather than 80.

The confusion is likely due to the fact that the chip in question is a very early engineering sample showing a “0” stepping, but the app could still identify it as a Granite Rapids-SP CPU from the Family 6 Model D line. Irrespective of whether the leaked CPU comes with 80 cores or 160, it will still be an upgrade over Emerald Rapids, which ships with up to 64 cores and 128 threads.

The CPU-Z screenshot also shows that the chip will offer 672MB of L3 cache in total, including two pools of 336MB each. Similarly, it could have 320MB of L2 cache, combining two pools of 160MB. However, Intel’s software patches from earlier this year suggest that the top-end Granite Rapids SKUs could offer up to 480MB of L3 cache, which is more than the 336 MB shown in the leaked screenshot. Either way, it will be a major improvement over the high-end Emerald Rapids SKUs that ship with up to 320MB of L3 cache.

Do note that the socket selection panel on CPU-Z is greyed out in the screenshot, suggesting that the system was running a single CPU at the time of testing. Additionally, the screenshot suggests that the chip will have a 350W max TDP, which is similar to that of the Xeon Platinum 8592+ (Emerald Rapids).

The leaker also posted a second screenshot that showed the single-thread and multi-thread benchmarks for the upcoming chip. It notched up 394 points in the first test and 30,299 points in the second, suggesting it would be faster than the Xeon Platinum 8592+ Emerald Rapids CPU. The new chip was running at just 1GHz during the test, so its actual performance when running at full tilt could be significantly higher.

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