Intel will likely complete the Raptor Lake Refresh CPU lineup in January 2024


Why it matters: Raptor Lake Refresh is the last processor line belonging to the old “Core” family, and Intel is ending the branding scheme with a bang. The latest locked Core CPUs will be launched in January next year, just in time for CES 2024.

Intel officially launched its flagship 14th-gen Core CPU series in October, while upcoming processors belonging to the new “Core Ultra” brand have already appeared in early leaks. Now it’s time to complete the Raptor Lake Refresh lineup, and new leaks coming from ECSM_Official confirm a couple of “non-K” additions to the series.

The X (formerly Twitter) leaker released new screenshots featuring the yet-to-be-announced Core i3-14100 and Core i5-14400 CPUs, stating that they will be introduced on January 8, 2024. Intel CEO Paul Gelsinger is expected to give his address at CES 2024 the following day.

The Core i3-14100 CPU is a quad-core/8 thread model exclusively using Performance cores, ECSM_Official says. Meanwhile, Core i5-14400 provides 6 P-Cores and 4 E-Cores for a 10-core/16-thread configuration. Base clocks are 2.5GHz (Core i3-14100) and 3.5GHz (Core i5-14400).

Leaked benchmarks seemingly confirm a maximum 4.7GHz boost frequency for both Core i3-14100 and P-Cores in the Core i5-14400. However, the Core i5-14400 was only able to reach a 4.1GHz boost frequency with P-Cores and 3.5GHz with E-Cores in AIDA64’s stress test benchmarks. TDP is the same for both processors (65W), but the Core i5-14400’s power consumption went up to 84.75W during benchmarks.

ECSM_Official provided CPU-Z and Cinebench benchmark scores for the new processors, just a few days after leaking scores for the Core i5-14600 model. Intel is expected to sell the new non-K chips at the same price as their 13th-gen counterparts, which should amount to $109 for the Core i3 and $221 for the Core i5 model.

The latest leaks confirm what we already knew about the 14th-gen Core CPU series: a modest increase in clock speeds bringing a comparatively unremarkable performance improvement. Price tags aren’t changing, however, which means the new CPUs will be at least a convenient investment for customers choosing Intel processors for their new PCs. The Santa Clara corporation is expected to launch the remaining Raptor Lake Refresh desktop CPUs in the 58-65W TDP range, alongside low-power Core-T models with a 35W TDP, around the same time as the Core i3-14100, Core i5-14400, and Core i5-14600 models.


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