IE App Reviews: ‘Montage Pro’ is the only mobile video editor you’ll need

Video and photo editors are free and easy to use. However, most free editing apps we use, be it for photos or videos, usually come with a catch. Free apps usually mean ‘freemium’ where you get some of the basic features for free but the premium stuff is saved for those who have some spare cash to spend.

This not a bad thing, considering the fact that the developers who make these feature-rich applications also need to be paid for their efforts. However, what we’re reviewing today is another free app that comes with no compromises on the features.

Montage Pro offers all the video editing features you could think of on a smartphone and displays no ads. Further, you can also export in high resolution. We tested the app for a few days and here’s what we think.

Installation and setup

MontagePro is currently available for free on the Google Play Store and like most apps, is easy to install. There is no setup needed. Once installed, you can get right into your first project. The app lets you pick your video clips and images and gets right into a timeline where you can rearrange and trim them as required.

MontagePro, Montage Pro, video editing apps, MontagePro has a neatly laid out user interface that makes this an easy-to-use app even for beginners. (Express Photo)

A neatly laid out bar full of editing options sits on the bottom. Users can easily get into the features they require and apply them easily on the video. Features that you may not need are not thrown in your face and this prevents the interface from feeling overwhelming, a common issue with editing tools.


MontagePro offers a range of features that make the app a pretty handy tool for pretty much anything from casual editing to vlog-making for your social media handles. While basics like trimming, filters, adding text, sounds and voice are covered, you also get a lot more.

PiP (Picture-in-Picture) support lets you embed another video in a section of your primary video clip. A canvas setting lets you set the background resolution which can be great if you’re planning to upload the same video to multiple social media handles, all with their own resolutions.

MontagePro, Montage Pro, video editing apps, MontagePro offers many preset sound effects that users can use, in addition to their own music and voice-overs. (Express Photo)

Users can also add custom watermarks of their own from an existing image file while controlling the size, angle and opacity. Other features include blur, doodle, speed control, beauty controls, sticker support, a large repository of sound effects and volume control.

You can also save projects and continue working on them later. When exporting your videos, you can choose between 480p, 720p or 1080p. You can also choose the framerate you want to export at. All 480p, 720p and 1080p videos can be exported at either 30fps or 60fps.


With all that offered for free, a catch is inevitable, and here, that comes in the form of privacy. MontagePro requires you to connect with your Google account in order to use its features. A quick look at the app’s Terms & Conditions showed us that the tool collects a lot of data including personal data like your name, location data, IP address, usage patterns and system configuration and non-personal data like your browser make, internet service provider details, timestamp, IMEI code and more. Further, the app may also share this information with third parties.

Trash or Pass?

Apps collecting data in exchange for services is not a new phenomenon in 2021. Chances are the video or photo editing tool you already use is also collecting similar data stats from you on a daily basis. When it comes to apps, “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product” is a good thumb rule to follow.

To truly be free from any privacy concerns while using video editing apps (or apps in general) you will have to head over to your computer and edit on Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

However, for people who are willing to share data in exchange for the above-mentioned features in a neatly laid-out on-the-go editor, MontagePro is as good as it gets. The app is a solid video editor and will cut your editing time significantly while providing you high-res, high-framerate, watermark-free exports. With almost no compromises on the user experience and features aspects, MontagePro is a solid recommendation from us for those who are okay with the privacy elements on the line.

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