How to use Snap Camera AR filters with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most used video-conferencing apps during the lockdown due to Covid-19 times. Employees working from home still use Microsoft Teams to communicate with their colleagues as many companies have not gone back to the normal routines. In order to make Microsoft Teams more interesting and fun, the company has introduced Snap Camera (by Snapchat) integration with the desktop app which lets you add AR filters.

The Snap Camera integration has been made available without any additional charges levied on users. It is available on both macOS and Windows. If you wish to do so, you have the ability to turn yourself into a cat, but the filter and AR effects also include a virtual Fortnite hat, floating potato and others.

Here’s how you can use Snap filters and AR effects on Microsoft Teams

# Log on to Click on download, scroll down, agree to terms and conditions and download for macOS or Windows.

# Install the Snap Camera application and search for the filters and select one of your choosing. It can be a cat or a Marvel character like Scarlet Witch or choose from categories like “Work From Home”, “Spring”, “Gaming” and others.

(Image: Snap Camera)

# Once we installed the application and chose a filter and restarted Microsoft Teams, it started showing automatically. If that does not work, go into your profile followed by the “Settings” menu. Under “Devices”, click on Camera, drop down options and choose “Snap Camera”.

(Image: Microsoft Teams)

As long as the Snap Camera is selected, Microsoft Teams users can choose from a variety of AR effects or filters to choose for their meetings going forward. You can disable it using the above-mentioned method or when in a meeting, click on the three dots, go to “Device Settings” and choose your system’s webcam instead of Snap Camera.

In addition, Microsoft has introduced “Together Mode”. For casual meetings, hosts can use “Together Mode” to transport the participants to a coffee shop, auditorium mode. This mode can be selected from the drop-down menu while in a meeting. The host can click on the small pencil and then choose any scene visible in the left-hand corner.

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