How to Plan a COVID-friendly Business Event in 2021

How to Plan a COVID-friendly Business Event in 2021 photo-1b299957

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The ongoing COVID-19 health crisis has left many organizations wondering how they can safely plan their next corporate event. With so much to consider in order to keep everyone safe, it can be overwhelming to think about the details of executing a COVID-19 compliant event. Here are five ways that you can plan a COVID-19-friendly business event in 2021.

Stay Current

One of the biggest challenges of planning an event during the era of COVID-19 is understanding the current restrictions and rules. Unfortunately, these rules are continually changing as the conditions of the pandemic ebb and flow. In order to plan a safe and compliant event, you need to stay abreast of the latest virus spread subsequent restrictions in your area. Keep in mind that different cities and event locations may have differing rules than you may be accustomed to. Staying on top of this fluid situation will help you to make the best decisions as you plan your event. You also need to be ready to pivot should the conditions change.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Professionals

You can minimize your risk of getting COVID-19 by leaving the heavy lifting of the party planning to the professionals. Those who have been around the industry for awhile have more experience and tools, leaving them better equipped to plan an event during a pandemic. For example, hiring a NYC party rentals company will take a lot of the details off of your plate. There are a number of details that you can contract out, including table and chair rentals, catering, music, decor, and more. Because these companies deal with this on a daily basis, they have a better knowledge base regarding how to plan a safe event despite the continuing pandemic.

Think Outdoors

One of the best ways that you can plan a safe event during this challenging time is to take it outside. The science behind the virus clearly shows that there is a reduced risk of transmission when outdoors. Lean on this science and think of ways that you can take your event outside. If weather is a factor, be sure to pick a date that will give you the best chance to keep the event outdoors.

Get Creative with Event Giveaways

Rather than try to push the pandemic under the table, it is a better idea to embrace the reality and theme your event giveaways around what you need to do to stay safe. Good ideas for giveaways include company branded face masks or hand sanitizer. Not only will these promotional items serve a practical purpose during the event, but they are also appropriate during this unprecedented time in history.

Digital Can Still be Fun

While it is obviously more attractive to hold an in-person event, that just may not be possible in your area. Rather than discount a virtual event, try to lean into this opportunity to create something different than what you may have done in the past. There are loads of ideas out there on how you can plan an exciting and engaging digital event. With the right execution, you can make lemonade out of lemons by harnessing the power of technology to bring your group together. For example, in the past, it may have been cost-prohibitive to include everyone in your organization at the event because of distance and travel costs. By moving the event to a virtual format, these limits disappear.



Do not despair if you are charged with planning a business event during this pandemic. A plan of action and a little creativity will ensure that you follow the rules and everyone has a great time.

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