How to Motivate Yourself When you are having a hard time

We present ourselves at best when we are thinking, confident, hopeful, and optimistic. With such attributes come enthusiasm and motivation that drive us to operate with high emotional intelligence, set goals, line up our desires, and envision our purpose. However, it is not always the case in life. Sometimes we experience low moods that distract us and slow us down from our purpose. We can’t make us go to the gym, clean the room, cook, or study. Then we see us buying term paper online along with ordering some junk food. And thoughts about the pitifulness of this drowns us.  It then leads to demotivation.

Demotivation is never a good feeling, and everybody often wishes to get out of it as soon as possible. It may sound easy but overcoming demotivation requires a lot of effort. Most of the input is from us but sometimes may require external assistance.

External and internal factors are the key drivers of motivation. Most often than not, extrinsic characteristics are based on rewards gained from doing a task or possible loss for not completing a task.

Triggering self-motivation

Motivation is always pushed by something inside us, such as a goal, desire to own something, or even the purpose of making the world a better place. You must try and figure out your trigger for motivation.

Avoiding a loss of some kind can also be a strong driving force of motivation. Having something to lose will always be ringing in the back of your mind, and the value of loss will boost your motivation to succeed. Most people try to avoid personal losses, including ultimate life goals, careers, relationships, or even money. Try not to force yourself into working on something for a point of fear. A simple reminder of the value of what you are working for should be good enough.

One disservice you can do to yourself is feeling bad about demotivation. It breeds a conducive environment for negative thinking and emotions, leading to feeling overwhelmed, fear, self-doubt, and self-pity. Invest in short motivational mantras that will drive your focus up. They help shift your focus from negative thinking. The mantra should be decisive in their messaging. It does not matter how tacky or cheesy it is, as long as it speaks to you and has an impact on you.

A significant percentage of you getting back on the saddle of motivation will depend on your actions. You need to be the one to make the first move. Break down your expectation into small achievable tasks that you can easily complete. Once you complete a task, you gradually increment the frequency and workload until you can achieve it all. You will notice that with every step comes excitement. Do this till you are back to your normal flow.

When you are feeling demotivated, do not give room for negativity and laziness. Gather all the energy you have and start working through your tasks. You must complete all the essential tasks first and build the momentum as you proceed. Morning hours are the best time to focus most of your vital work on planning for a day’s work.

Regular breaks will help you break the monotony and take away your focus from veering towards negativity. Physical exercises are the best activities when taking a break from work. The activity will warm up the body and brain and make you more productive.


Several factors will occasionally drive us from our normal selves and bring us down. The suggestion will help deal with some of the arising issues.

Written by sortiwa

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