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How to Install Home Security Without Sacrificing Style

Security is one of the most important things to think about as a homeowner. However, you might be worried that it looks unattractive from the outside. Let us take a close and detailed look at five ways to install home security without sacrificing style.

Hidden Cameras

To start things off, hidden cameras are a good basis for home security. These cameras allow you to monitor your property at all times, even when you are not home. By concealing these cameras behind rafters and blinds, you can maintain style in your home. Cameras are becoming smaller than ever and less of a distraction to the naked eye. 

For the sake of security, you’ll want a camera in your kitchen, living room, and bedroom at the very least. One great way to conceal a camera is by putting it in a corner. The lens of the camera will blend in with the darkness of the corner.

Video Doorbells

Next, video doorbells are amazing for security. When someone rings the doorbell, you’ll be able to look at a monitor and see who is at the door. Once again, these video cameras are so tiny that they don’t take up much room at your front door. Unless you’re specifically looking for them, you won’t the video hardware at all. 

When guests come over for dinner, you won’t have to worry about claims that you’re spying on them or anything like that. Audio systems are also great for questioning who is at the door. You’re able to communicate with the person without ever meeting them face to face. In this regard, you can simply play the audio off as a form of communication.


Bollards should not be overlooked either. Crash-rated bollards are fantastic for controlling the flow of traffic near your home. These objects will ensure that drivers don’t veer off course and into your driveway at reckless speeds. Bollards are surprisingly natural to implement. 

They aren’t an eyesore at all and actually blend in with the surrounding environment. In particular, look for bollards of a color that is the same shade as your home. You’ll want at least three bollards in a row for the proper effect. You can even decorate them with paint and other ornaments to match the theme of your home.

Stylish Safes

The safe in your bedroom is another pillar of home security. In the event of a break-in, this safe will protect and deter thieves from stealing all your valuable possessions. However, safes can often stick out like a sore thumb. With a stylish safe that is disguised as a drawer or couch, you can maintain the beautiful appearance of your home without sacrificing style. Furthermore, these disguised safes can actually be more effective because burglars won’t know where to look. Smaller safes are also great as you can store them underneath furniture.

Motion Sensors

Last but not least, motion sensors are terrific for home security. If you don’t want to watch a video system at all times, you can opt for motion sensors that operate on the same principle but without visuals. If the motion is detected in your home while you are out, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. In this regard, they can be even better than security cameras. Because a camera isn’t needed in the first place, you can use even less hardware. All you really need is a sensor in every room of your home. As before, it’s very easy to conceal these devices by your walls.

In conclusion, these are a couple of great ways to install home security without sacrificing style. With these approaches, you can be secure while not creating an eyesore. You and your family can sleep well at night with these security measures.

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