How to Enhance Your Baby’s Brain Development

Babies’ brains are like sponges capable of absorbing everything that comes their way. Babies are surprisingly intelligent, but they need a little push to unlock their full potential. This doesn’t happen magically.

The truth is that your parenting skills at the baby’s early years will be a significant determinant in their IQ potential. Here are some tips to enhance your baby’s brain development:

Start Early, Before Birth

Your baby’s organs, including the brain, start developing while in the womb. The baby is part of you and relies on you for everything, including nutrition. However, the placenta doesn’t distinguish between nutrients and other harmful substances, so anything dangerous (alcohol, drugs, and other toxic substances) will reach your baby and derail their development.

Science has proven that doing drugs while pregnant lowers a baby’s development – this affects all organs, including the brain, and the baby’s overall stature. As such, stay off any toxic substances throughout your term and while breastfeeding.

Talk Baby Lingo

A baby’s cooing is more than an involuntary action. It is a way of trying to express themselves when something interests them. Sometimes when a baby coos, he/she is usually looking directly at someone else expecting a response. Try as hard as you can to master their lingo and respond every time your baby initiates a ‘conversation.’

Trying to communicate verbally with your baby will encourage them to master speech early. It will also help fuel their interest in things, which will further broaden their experiences and perspectives. It is also a strong early start towards excellent social skills.

Tip: Use a high-pitched voice when talking to your baby to get their attention. Maintain eye contact when talking to your baby and amplify your facial expressions and vowels to teach them how to identify different tones and vowels early.

Read & Sing Together

Your baby should embrace education if they are going to have an above-average IQ level. This is what babies’ books are designed for. They are not only fun but also educational at this stage of the baby’s development. The simple words and colorful pictures stimulate the babies’ brains and make them pick interest in learning early.

Singing is also just as stimulating as reading. It is fun, and the rhythm helps the baby’s brain absorb more sounds and vowels while improving their speech. It also makes for fun bonding time between you and your little one.

Sustain Contact & Ignite the Senses

A positive bond between a baby and their parents goes a long way towards a stable character and good IQ. For example, maintaining eye contact with the baby when feeding and doing other activities helps sharpen their recognition skills. Touching the baby often also helps ignite their senses – it is especially recommendable to give your baby full-body massages regularly and stroke them often.

PS It also helps to expose the baby to both gender cultures. Science shows that women’s interaction with babies differs considerably from how men approach parenting, and both perspectives are essential for the baby’s wholesome development.

Play Interactive Games

Playtime for babies is not only fun but also constructive and educative. It picks their interests and broadens their imagination and creativity. For example, a simple toy such as a stethoscope can put a baby on the path towards medicine as a career simply because it picked their interest when the world was still new to them.

Experts recommend getting your baby interactive toys that will challenge their creativity. For example, a plush rocking horse toy is not only fun but also practical – it also gets the baby curious about real horses and wildlife.

Instill the Concept of Responsibility Early

The concept of responsibility helps nurture some sense of maturity – hence the stereotype that one doesn’t mature until they leave the nest. As such, teach your baby how to be responsible when he/she grows into a toddler.

Teach them how to clean up after themselves and help them learn that every action has consequences, good or bad. Your baby will grow up neat and organized and with a more realistic view of life.

Your baby’s growth and development require a safe and loving environment; otherwise, your efforts may not bear much fruit. As such, show your baby that you love them and teach them to trust you to eliminate all obstacles towards healthy brain development.

Written by sortiwa


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