How to disable the new Meet tab in Gmail


How to disable the new Meet tab in Gmail

Google has recently added new features to Gmail to make things easier for people working from home. The most noticeable addition is the Meet integration inside Gmail. However, not all the changes are meant for everyone and if you are not a big fan of the new Meet integration, here’s how to disable the Google Meet tab in Gmail web.

Make sure that the new Meet tab is visible on your Gmail web

Working internet connection

Steps to disable Meet tab from Gmail


Open Gmail and login using Google credentials


Now, click on the Gear icon from top-right corner


Then, click on See all settings button


Click on Chat and Meet tab from the top


Scroll down and select the option Hide the Meet section in the main menu next to Meet label


Click on Save changes button

The Gmail page will reload automatically to apply the changes. Once the page is reloaded, the Meet tab will be gone. You can also enable it again by following the same steps. All you need to do is choose ‘Show the Meet section in the main menu’ in the second last step.

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