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How to Become Charitable with Little Money

Charity is one of the foundations of a prosperous society. When people with more help those with less, it creates a balance that allows more people to enjoy a higher standard of living. If you don’t have much, you may not feel that you can not make a major impact. However, there are some creative ways you can make a big impact even with little money. Here are six ways that you can become charitable with little money.

1). Donate Directly to People Who Need It

Let’s say you only have $20 to give. You may not feel that this small amount will have a big impact when you give it to a big charity. However, you can see the effects of your money by donating directly to people who need it. For instance, you can buy $20 worth of groceries and give it to a family in need. You can offer to give $20 worth of gas to a working mom who needs to hold on to every penny that she can get. Try coming up with a list of five or six people who can be positively affected by your small financial help. If you feel uncomfortable about donating money, simply donate something tangible like groceries, clothing, or a gift card.

2). Donate Your Time

Let’s say you don’t have the money to donate to any charity. That’s okay. You can donate your time and make a big difference. There are a number of charities that will gladly accept your volunteer work. Some of the top places where you can volunteer include hospitals, food banks, and senior daycare centers. You can use your expertise to donate your time to specific places to make the greatest impact. For instance, if you work in healthcare, you can donate your time to a free clinic. Take a look at places that accept volunteer work and see how you can help.

3). Donate Your Blood

One of the easiest ways to be charitable is to donate your blood. There are a number of places that accept blood donations. Also, local grocery and retail store outlets will have blood donation buses located in the parking lot. If you are a specific blood type, then your blood may come in handy during emergency situations. While this type of donation costs you nothing, your blood could end up saving someone’s life. In fact, just one pint of donated blood can save three people’s lives.

4). Donate Your Old Car

Another great way you can donate and declutter your life is by donating your old car. It doesn’t matter if the car is in working condition. Many charities will take your old, non-working car, restore it and donate to someone in need. In fact, the national kidney foundation pickup service makes it easy to donate your vehicle. Best of all, this service costs you nothing. In fact, your vehicle donation is tax-deductible.

5). Donate Your Space

Here’s another great way you can help out for free. You can donate your space. There are a number of charities that may need space in a home for meetings. You can loan out your living room for a couple of hours and have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped out your community.

6). Help Raise Money

If you don’t have any money to donate, then you can help raise money for your favorite charity. You can help by being a volunteer bell ringer for the Salvation Army during the Holiday Season. You can also go door-to-door to solicit donations. If you are a little too shy to ask for charitable donations face-to-face, then you can work at a call center to solicit donations. Just about every charity has some sort of fundraising drive. Your volunteer work can help raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a great cause.

Giving Where It Helps the Most

There are so many ways you can be charitable, even if you have little money. You can get started by donating directly to people who need it, donating your time, donating your blood, donating your old car, or raising money for your favorite charity. Try one or more of these charitable strategies to make a big impact in your community.

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