How to add new animated or regular Stickers and send to friends

If you have switched from WhatsApp to Signal, then you might be missing Stickers. Both Telegram and WhatsApp offer a lot of sticker packs, but you will find very few sticker packs in Signal messaging app. Stickers are one of the best ways to express your emotions and you might be thinking about how you can add more sticker packs to Signal. Well, you don’t really need to do anything and it will take only two minutes to add new animated or regular stickers to the messaging app.

Unlike WhatsApp, you don’t need to install a third-party app for stickers. Signal users just need to visit a website, search for stickers, install and use them. The below mentioned also lets you use some of the cool Telegram stickers, which is just great as the app has the best stickers. Now, read on to know more about how you can add new animated or regular Stickers and send them to Signal friends.

Signal: How to add new Stickers and send to friends

Step 1: You just need to type Signal Stickers on Google and tap on site. Here, you will find a ton of animated or regular sticker packs for Signal.

Step 2: Now, all you need to do is type anything on the search bar and the site will show stickers packs related to that. If you are confused, then you can tap on the labels, including meme, animated, and privacy, and the site will display a lot of sticker packs.

Step 3: Select any one Sticker by tapping on it. The site will show you all the stickers in that particular pack.

Step 4: In order to add the new Stickers to Signal, you just need to tap on ‘Add to Signal’ button. You then need to press on “Set To Always Open,” as shown in the screenshot. Tap on the ‘Install’ button. All the stickers will then be added to the Stickers section in Signal.

You can check all the recently added sticker packs by tapping on the + icon, which is located in the Stickers section. Here, the messaging app displays all the sticker packs that you have used until now or the stickers you have exchange with friends. This also means that you can directly use the new stickers shared by your friends and you don’t need to go to the site and add them. Though, when you press on the shared sticker packs you will be asked to install, then only you will be able to use your friends’ stickers.

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