How All-You-Can-Eat Buffets Make Their Money

Restaurant guests can grab plate after plate of an endless array of dishes and cuisines. All of this for one low price. So what’s their secret to success? Well, these …

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  1. I only get 2 plates of only food that isn't sold in streets or fast-food restaurants. For example if I can buy noodles in the streets I'm not gonna eat it at all you can eat place but lobster legs, king oysters, gumbo shrimp anything like that I'm all in.

  2. When buffets are priced right, it is a win, win proposition. It is not about whether you have gotten your money's worth, it is about whether you are satisfied, at the end of the day. You have eaten the food that you have been wanting, and you have enjoyed it. Just DON'T make a habit of it!

  3. The only time I actually get 'all I can eat' is when I dine alone and am treating myself after so many long rigorous days of work and volunteer projects. I will happily take my time and spend anywhere from 3 to 5 hours at the buffet! I do this by having small portions, and taking occasional 10-15 minute 'breaks' where I am reading or doing something on my laptop. Oh, and when I do go, there is usually almost nothing left to eat in my fridge and I plan to NOT eat anything at all before I go, plus not drinking anything at all until AFTER I am done eating 🙂

  4. Don't people know that God invented free? Of every tree you may freely eat. This complexity would not be needed with ask and receive that Jesus taught. We are all connected.The nations of the world need to work together.

  5. I have a favorite buffet and usually eat the same things every time. I just don't go there more than once a month or so. What I do do is customize the recipes. For example I start with the soup and fill my bowl but I then take an extra bowl and "surf" the other dishes, taking out the shrimp or plump mushrooms, various meats, etc to put in my soup back at my table. In a sense, I make up my own recipes containing the more expensive and delicious ingredients. The same goes for all the other dishes and I end up eating a very different meal than my companion buffet eaters!

  6. Well that makes sense because when you want to lose weight they always tell you to put your food in two separate bowls and eat your food out of small Bowls & small portions. The truth is most people get filled up after one play anyway and so when they eat a couple of small bowls that they're basically just eating one quarters and then getting full. So they're basically just paying for one meal anyway. As far as all the other psychological bulshit I've never fell for that I always skip the front of the line and go straight to the good stuff LOL

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