Harm Reduction by E-Cigarettes: The Current Position and the Future

Have you heard that e-cigarettes have fewer health risks compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes? If you have not, this is the trending information all over the internet. Most researchers agree that smoking is one of the biggest killers in the world through various illnesses like cancer. Other health researchers have also indicated that a significant number of people have been trying to quit smoking although it is a difficult task.Recently, there has been the introduction of e-cigarettes that use e-juice and electronic devices to produce vapor. Although there is still limited information about them, some studies have shown that they are better for health reasons than regular tobacco cigarettes.

Increase in Use of E-Cigarettes

Young people have been using e-cigarettes more than seniors. Seniors are still stuck using conventional cigarettes despite numerous warnings about their adverse health effects. The increase in the use of e-cigarettes among youths is not purely linked to their reduced health effects; the main reason is that they have become a fashion trend.

Other studies by health experts have shown that the components of e-juice contain fewer harmful ingredients than tobacco. The absence of toxic tar in all e-juices and nicotine in some is a big plus for e-cigarettes. This has led the health experts to claim that e-cigarettes are many times better than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Ingredients of E-Juice

E-juice is the main concern when health matters related to e-cigarettes are being studied. Because e-juice is consumable, it contains food-grade ingredients and flavoring. It is said that the regulatory bodies that govern foods in most countries have issued licenses to the main producers of e-juice. If you visit the website, you will have a chance to see numerous e-cigs and e-juices that they stock for those who want to try them.

What Is the Future of E-Cigarettes?

As more people have the opportunity to learn about the health benefits of e-cigarettes, their use increases. The sellers of e-cigarettes have been promoting them as better options for those who want to avoid the health risks of traditional cigarettes. In fact, it is anticipated that e-cigs will be gaining popularity among people who want to quit smoking. They can start with e-juices with a higher nicotine content and work their way down to zero nicotine. This can be a pathway toquitting smoking. Another predicted development is the increased production of e-cigarettes even by the current giants in tobacco cigarette production. As the preference for the old cigarettes decreases, they will have no other option than to switch gears to the trending e-cigs.


As mentioned earlier, there is a higher use of e-cigarettes by young people. But over time, others will also hop on the bandwagon.Soon, this will be the big trend. It would not be a surprise to have traditional cigarettes experience an extinction. This way, even those exposed to secondhand e-cigarette vapor will be safer than those who breathe secondhand smoke.

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