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Heidi Klum, the Queen of Halloween has always surprised us with her stupefying dress-ups for her Halloween bash. Since 2000, she has been hosting a larger than life shindig every year with a guest list full of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba. Many of her guests put their best foot forward to outshine the supermodel but former America’s Got Talent judge always comes out on top with the most dramatic, picture-perfect, and downright outrageous costumes.

Just when you think the 46-year-old beauty has done it all, she rules the party’s red carpet with another eye-popping costume. From entering on an autopsy table as a corpse to emulating the likeness of Maa Kali, Heidi never fails to impress.

Before the supermodel reveals her look for this year’s bash and bombards all fashion blogs, here are few of her bewildering yet mesmerizing looks we will always cherish.

Kali’ Factor

In 2008, Klum seemingly took a cultural shift while walking the red carpet. She shocked everyone by dressing up as a Hindu Goddess, Maa Kali.


She wore a blue, multi-armed costume, and was a showstopper. Though the look stirred up much controversy outraging people, this look of hers remains one of her best Halloween looks.

Corpse Klum

Is there anything eerier than making an entry into your own Halloween party as a skinless corpse on an autopsy table with two models dressed as doctors wearing blood-spattered coats? But, for Klum, for whom it is the norm to don mind-blowing costumes, it was fun.

Heidi in 2011 dressed as a skinless corpse for Halloween.

Heidi in 2011 dressed as a skinless corpse for Halloween.

In 2011, Klum rocked this dead as a doornail look effortlessly.

Butterfly Klum

In 2014, the supermodel-turned-TV Star transformed into a giant butterfly with huge rainbow-hued wings and mesmerising bug eyes.

Heidi Klum dressed up as a butterfly in 2014.

Heidi Klum dressed up as a butterfly in 2014.

Ape Klum

In 2011, Klum made an entry covered from head to toe in simian-like hair. She got a pair of prosthetic monkey breasts for her the costume. Heidi’s husband of seven years then, Seal, too dressed up as an ape and accompanied her on the red carpet.


Klum has been teasing her fans by dropping video snippets revealing her Halloween costume for the year and we just can’t hold our excitement back.

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Oct 31, 2019 13:16 IST


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