Google Search to soon show ‘short video’ results from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube

Google is working on a new search feature that will integrate short video results into searches. The new feature was first pointed out by Twitter users Saad AK and Brian Freiesleben. The users reported that the short video carousel would only show up for certain keywords like ‘biryani’ and ‘packers’. We were able to replicate and confirm the same. Clicking on a short video result gave us the choice of opening the result in either the same browser or the dedicated app. TikTok videos were, however, not able to open since the app has been banned in the country.

In India, Google’s Discover feed has started showing short videos from the platform Firework TV. But in the new feature, Google Search will start showing short videos from TikTok and Instagram in the search results. It is possible that Google may support other short video apps later.

As per reports, the new feature will allow users to open short videos that show up in search results right from the Google App, without needing to enter the short video app separately. Google has also confirmed this feature, according to a report by TechCrunch.

The feature is currently being tested only on the mobile app and website, and is as of now, in its early stages. The Short Videos carousel will be different from the trappable Google Stories format, which was rolled out in October 2020.

Check out the tweet below:

The feature should roll out to more users soon and should also incorporate a wider range of search results in the future. With short videos becoming a growing trend in many parts of the world, it would be convenient to find search results for short videos from multiple platforms, all in one place.

In India, Google’s Discover Feed is already showing content from Firework platform, which has short videos as well. The Google Discover feed shows content from various sources based on a user’s interests. This is the first time that the company has started showing short videos on this feed.

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