Google has removed these 11 apps for billing fraud


One of most stubborn Android malware — called Joker — is back on Google’s app store, Google Play. As security research firm Check Point says, Joker is one of the most prominent types of malware that keeps finding its way into Google Play Store as a result of small changes to its code. These changes enable it to get past the Play store’s security and vetting barriers.

This time the hackers behind Joker, adopted an old technique from the PC threat landscape to avoid detection by Google. The malicious malware hides in otherwise legitimate apps. Once installed, it subscribes users to premium services without them getting to know. This leads to billing fraud as users realise only after money is deducted from their credit or debit cards.

Google recently removed 11 Joker-infected apps that were downloaded approximately 500,000 times. It’s important that users who downloaded these apps too delete them. Here are the names …

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