google: 1 out of 3 Indians watches online video for over an hour on average daily: Google – Latest News


One out of every three Indians watches online video with average daily watch time being over an hour, according to a report by Google. Hindi emerged as the most preferred language when watching online videos (54 per cent), followed by English (16 per cent), Telugu (7 per cent), Kannada (6 per cent), Tamil (5 per cent) and Bengali (3 per cent), the report said.

This year, India’s online video viewing population is expected to grow to 500 million people from different regions, demographics and socio-economic backgrounds, it added.

About 37 per cent of India’s online video viewers come from rural areas, it said.

The report titled ‘Understanding India’s online video viewer’ is based on interviews of over 6,500 viewers. About 73 per cent of them were between 15-34 years of age.

It noted that the average daily watch time was 67 minutes.

“Even new internet users who’ve had access for over a year are watching a daily average of 56 minutes…About four platforms are used regularly and another 3 occasionally,” it added.

While most video viewing happens at home (79 per cent), ‘watching on the go’ also appeared to be a strong trend (21 per cent), according to the report.

“The ‘4Ps’ of motivation for watching were pleasure (56 per cent), Power (20 per cent), Purpose (14 per cent) and People (11 per cent),” it said.

While entertainment continues to be a favourite, 43 per cent of online video viewing occasions in India are learning based, it added.

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