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Gigi & Bella Hadid REACT To Devastating Mudslides In Montecito Hometown

More Celebrity News ▻▻ A Southern California rainstorm has sent mud and debris flowing through Santa Barbara County and Montecito. So far 15 lives have been…


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  1. Why is everyone slamming Bella & Gigi ?? This has nothing to do with their looks or whatever. Obviously this is a hard time for them with everything going on back at home right now. Not only them but others have families there too. Show a little respect. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I hope everyone gets out safe & sound, im thinking about you guys & wishing for the best! ❤️

  2. That's not their hometown it's theirs father's. I get that they're sad and stuff and it's irrelevant for them to say it's their hometown. Love that they're spreading awareness and other celebrities too. Not only them who spoke about it CLEVVER. Thoughts and prayers can't save the world though physical help and true understanding can

  3. Please God I ask that everyone that is missing…please shows up safe and in well condition.I hope that we can have this wonderful city back to the way it was beautiful and filled with wonderful people. Amen.

  4. their asking for help with donations? ain't these bitches rich? Fuck outta here. Anyways I hope those real people affected by it get thru it. wishing them luck and prayers from Miami