Get Microsoft Office for $29 as a one-time purchase


Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 is currently available at an exceptional deal price of $29. The package gets you a lifetime license for one Windows PC or Mac, suitable for both home and work use. Office remains the king of office productivity, and here’s one way to get most of the suite’s benefits without paying an annual subscription for Office 365.

The instant delivery and download option adds convenience, ensuring immediate access to the software.
The Office 2019 suite comprises essential applications:

  • Word 2019: Ideal for creating, editing, and reviewing documents
  • Excel 2019: Offers powerful tools for data analysis and visualization
  • PowerPoint 2019: Equipped for creating impactful presentations
  • Outlook 2019: Manages emails and contacts efficiently
  • Access 2019: Database management tool for various data needs
  • Also: OneNote 2019 and Publisher 2019

A previous popular deal offered Microsoft Office 2021 Pro at a deep discount, too. Currently that’s still available for $69 if you are interested in the latest version of the suite. But because that’s not as affordable, we have brought you the option of Office 2019 Pro Plus, noting what the key differences are between 2019 and 2021:

  • For all the essential functionality and file compatibility of Word, Excel, and so forth, both suites are almost the same
  • Office 2019 does not include Microsoft Teams integration (but that’s available as a free download anyway)
  • In Office 2019, real-time co-authoring is available in Word, but not in Excel or PowerPoint
  • Excel 2021 added a few new functions, including XLOOKUP and XMATCH
  • PowerPoint 2021 has improved recording capabilities for slideshows
  • Microsoft released Office 2021 alongside Windows 11, so the latest Office received a visual update to match the most recent Windows version

This package provides lifetime licenses for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access – a comprehensive suite for your professional needs. With its new ribbon-based user interface, accessing features, tools, and customizations across the suite becomes easier than ever, enabling efficient multitasking.

It’s happened to all of us. You are setting up a new PC for friends or family and they want Office. Using Google Docs online is a pretty good alternative for many, as are free suites like LibreOffice and FreeOffice, but nothing beats real Office.

Here’s a summary of our current Microsoft software deals:

Prices are subject to change.


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