Gaming laptops have become a significant part of the PC market: Lenovo


Written by Anuj Bhatia
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Published: August 18, 2020 12:41:33 pm

Lenovo legion, legion gaming laptops, legion 7i, legion 5i, legion 5pi, gaming laptops, lenovo gaming laptops, gaming laptops price in IndiaEven though the Legion-branded notebooks are made to appease the “pure gamer” segment, the way users see gaming laptops have changed over the years.

The coronavirus pandemic and the emergence of the “creator segment” have spurred an uptick in people opting for gaming laptops in India, Lenovo said on Tuesday.

“It’s no longer a niche use case as it has become a very significant part of the entire PC category,” Shailendra Katyal, Executive Director and Head of Consumer PCSD, Lenovo India told ahead of the launch of Legion 7i, 5Pi and 5i gaming laptops in the country.

Katyal said until last year the gaming laptop segment used to be a mere 6 per cent in terms of unit sales of the overall PC market but now it’s expected to reach at least 10 per cent to 11 per cent this year. Lenovo has been one of the PC companies to see a surge in demand for gaming laptops during the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s not just the pandemic that is boosting sales of gaming laptops in India.


As Katyal pointed, the core gamer group is definitely the target audience for gaming laptops and that will never change. He, however, is surprised to see the growing appeal of gaming laptops among the “creator” community.

Even though its Legion-branded notebooks are made to appease the “pure gamer” segment, the way users see gaming laptops have changed over the years. They are no more as bulky as they used to be. Plus, gaming laptops excel at multimedia while still having the capability to meet the productivity needs.

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Katyal says Lenovo has succeeded in the way they have managed to offer sleek looking gaming laptops which are good for work as well as a gaming level performance. He slots the Legion laptops as premium multimedia devices that can still effectively get work done when needed.

But how does Lenovo decide what features to be added in a gaming laptop? There’s a lot going into making the Legion gaming laptops, Katyal said. “You don’t want any lag in performance or whether it is the way the keyboard functions or the way the screen refresh rate is. And then obviously, if you’re playing for three to four hours, which is what most gamers would end up doing, the thermals become that much more important,” he explains.

Legion gaming laptops always have a reputation for commanding a high price. That doesn’t mean entry-level models don’t exist, though. “We have gaming laptops at every price point where the end-to-end experiences are configured for whether you are a light gamer, a moderate gamer and a heavy gamer. Its latest Legion 5i starts at Rs 79,990, the Legion 5i starts at Rs 1,34,990 and the Legion 7i starts at Rs 1,99,990. All of these gaming laptops feature high refresh rate displays, latest 10th Gen Intel Core processors, Nvidia graphic support, Dolby Atmos sound, and a lightweight build.”

“A heavy-duty gamer will look at everything and the end to end experience has to be seamless,” he said. “If you make the machine too powerful, the refresh rate is low, and the experience is not seamless. But if you are a light gamer, then maybe a low level of performance is okay with the refresh rate and then the graphics cards are also less of a lesser configuration.”

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