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Fun Facials You’ve Never Heard of Until Now

Whether you’re trying to clear up your skin or you’re looking for some new treatments to do on spa night, you have endless facials to choose from. Most facials are catered towards clearing out your pores, leaving your skin moisturized and fresh. But other facials may target your dry skin or dark spots.

Here are a few fun new facials that you can try out. Rather than sticking to the same old routine of using clay masks or facial cleanser, these fun new facials can spice up your spa night. You’ve likely never heard of them, so maybe you can do them with your friends and family at your next sleepover.

Buccal Facial

The buccal facial consists of a facial specifically designed for your cheeks. During the facial, the masseuse massages your cheeks and around your jaw. This massage helps to relieve any tension that you have in the cheek and jaw area of your face, and it also improves your circulation.

By improving the blood circulation in your face, you can improve the overall appearance of your face and decreases acne. During the facial massage, all of your muscles will feel rejuvenated. And your face may even feel sore the next day!

Microcurrent Facial

A microcurrent facial consists of using electricity to encourage your skin cells to develop. By using electricity on your face, the treatment helps to stimulate the muscles in your face while improving the production of collagen. Collagen is the main component that increases the elasticity of your skin, thus making your skin appear younger.

A microcurrent facial doesn’t produce any pain, and you’ll notice the results immediately after the facial is done. Your skin will appear tighter and smoother, and it’ll make you look younger with the reduced appearance of wrinkles. Make sure that you call ahead at your spa to make sure that they offer this treatment.

Algae Facial

Algae facials have also become more popular on the market since they help to stimulate your lymphatic system. Offering outstanding anti-aging benefits, algae facials consist of placing algae extracts onto your skin in order to improve your blood flow.

The algae extracts are capable of stimulating your blood circulation, thus making your skin appear much more radiant than previously. Even more, the algae extracts used in conjunction with thermal wraps can even help you to lose extra water weight that you don’t need. Overall, algae facials can get rid of dead skin cells and to help your skin look healthier and cleaner over time.

Oat Milk Facial

Consisting of a variety of different elements, the oat milk facial is capable of cleansing your pores and moisturizing your skin. The facial starts with an exfoliating scrub that cleans out your pores and then your pores are deep cleaned and massaged. After the massage, you’ll have oat milk rubbed into your skin and left in place for a few minutes.

After the whole facial is over, your skin will feel cleansed and tight. Even more, you won’t have to put moisturizer on because the milk dried onto your skin acts as a moisturizing extra layer of protection.

Vampire Facial

In the vampire facial, your blood will be extracted from your body and then injected into your face. Before it’s applied directly to your face, it’ll be placed into a machine that can separate the platelet-rich plasma in order to place it back into your skin.

Many people have felt queasy during this facial because of the fact that you’ll see your own blood for a few minutes. But the facial leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated. The vampire facial also improves your blood circulation as well, so it’ll encourage the production of your facial skin cells.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to rejuvenate your skin, introduce different facials into your spa night or you’re simply looking for new ways to spice up your skincare routine, these facials can help to improve the overall quality of your skin. Some of them are designed to eliminate the appearance of acne and wrinkles, while others are more catered towards improving the blood circulation in your face. Try incorporating some of them into your routine today!

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