French pensioner calls for border should be moved ‘back to Britain’ | UK | News

The comments come as the French President visited the port and spoke in Calais. 

Mr Macron has called for Britain to pay France more for border security in the port. 

Speaking to Channel 4 News, one pensioner simply called for the border to be moved back to the UK. 

She said: “It’s horrible, it feels like a real prison here. 

“The place is dead. It’s better if we move the border back to Britain.”

Mr Macron met with police as he spoke at their HQ in Calais.

He said: “Everything is done so that illegal passage to the United Kingdom is not possible. Calais must not be a secret gateway to England. 

“The fundamental challenge is to ensure the security of the port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel.” 

Mr Macron said there would be no repeat of the Jungle – the refugee camp that housed some 8,000 men, women and children before being razed at the end of 2016. 

“Whatever happens, we will not allow a new Jungle in Calais,” said Mr Macron. 

Around 700 people are still sleeping rough in and around Calais. British taxpayers have paid £125million towards border security at Calais in the past three years. 

Leading Brexiteer Nigel Farage criticised Mr Macron for demanding more cash for the Calais border. 

On Monday he said: “This guy is blackmailing us and we should stand up to behaviour like this.”

Tory MP Tim Loughton has also criticised the French President. He said: “In the last three years we have given £124million to France to build fences and make life safer for drivers. We’ve paid them to make their trade easier!”

Fears have been raised that if the UK yes not reach a good deal with the EU, it may threaten the Le Touquet Accord which puts Britain’s border in France and France’s at Dover in Kent.

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